Naming Day

Naming Ceremonies are a very important part of family celebrations

They are delightful occasions where parents, who hold no particular religious beliefs, choose to have a Name Giving Ceremony for their child, believing that the child will be able to make choices for themselves when they are old enough to understand the commitment.

Some babies are named shortly after birth, although the first birthday or birth anniversary are a popular time for a Name Giving Ceremony. Sometimes, other children in the family will be named at the same time, if they were not given such a ceremony when younger. The age of the child or person being named is not important, and an adult can also be named.

The naming ceremony is an excellent occasion for the cultural expression of joy, hope and acceptance. Many Christians do not believe in infant baptism, so choose this cultural celebration and leave the child free to choose or not to choose baptism later in their lives.

When the names are officially bestowed upon the child or children, there may be an explanation given on the reasons for selecting the chosen names, or a particular meaning attributed to the names.

Your input is very important and encouraged. Verses can be written and read by Guardians, Parents and Grandparents. A Naming Certificate is presented to the parents on the day.

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