Legal Requirements

Legal Documentation Required


Note: if any documents are in a foreign language, they MUST be translated into English by an accredited authority, preferably Naati (Aust) association or organization.

NEVER VALIDLY MARRIED                           Birth Certificate or passport
DIVORCED                                                       Birth Certificate or passport; Decree Absolute (divorce papers).
WIDOW/WIDOWER                                       Birth Certificate or passport, and Death Certificate of spouse.


If born overseas and your birth certificate, passport and other relevant records have been misplaced or destroyed you can, in some circumstances, overcome this by completing a Statutory Declaration. I can prepare this for you. However, if it is possible to obtain a new birth certificate or passport from your country, this must be done.

If you are Australian-born you must produce an original birth certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages or an original passport. The passport can be Australian or from another country.


To be married in Australia you must be over the age of 18 years. In extenuating circumstances (if under 18 years of age) you can apply to the Courts for the permission of a Judge to be married, however this is almost never granted. Parental consent is also required.


A “Notice of Intended Marriage” form is required to be completed and lodged with your celebrant at least one month prior to the wedding date, and no more than eighteen months prior to the wedding date.

If you are overseas I can email you this Notice of Intended Marriage form, giving instructions on how to have it completed and signed by the relevant parties. Once this is done, you can scan and email to me in Australia. The day I receive the scanned copy of your Notice, is the “lodgement date” – this makes it very easy to lodge your Notice in plenty of time.

If you wish, you can obtain a “Notice of Intended Marriage” form from an Australian Embassy, Australian High Commission or on-line at Notice Of Intended Marriage Form Australia.